February 14th, 2020

trishuhhh has drawn 180 drawings and authored 110 captions across 290 games. They follow 11 players and have 6 followers. They've earned a total of 901 emotes!

Anime eyes Apr 17th, 2020
Funny Valentine (jojo) gives a speech Apr 16th, 2020
Kakyoin, but in a wheelchair and part4 jotaro Apr 5th, 2020
BUT IT WAS I, D I O ! Mar 30th, 2020
Fugo and Narancia Mar 31st, 2020
handsome squidward + girl with pearl earring Mar 29th, 2020
Dabi (My Hero Academia) Mar 29th, 2020
Bob Ross Vibe Check Mar 27th, 2020
the jojo walk meme but its wario and waluigi Mar 27th, 2020
Birthday cake Mar 28th, 2020
:) I'm going on testosterone today!! (trans) Mar 26th, 2020
Yandere Jotaro..hnnggghhhh Mar 27th, 2020
Mista's 44th birthday Mar 27th, 2020
Koala celebrates Drawception's bday Mar 26th, 2020
Strawberry Shortcake Mar 26th, 2020
Some Kars On Mars Mar 25th, 2020
Happy 8th birthday Drawception :DDD Mar 26th, 2020
roblox jotaro Mar 26th, 2020