March 12th, 2020

Jhonan87 has drawn 177 drawings and authored 102 captions across 279 games. They follow 6 players and have 4 followers. They've earned a total of 619 emotes!

a well-dressed bird Oct 26th, 2021
Papi (Popee The Performer) goes to the gulag Oct 25th, 2021
Yiga clan boss Aug 15th, 2021
Chicken leg with potty in it Aug 15th, 2021
Earth being consumed by primordial chaos Aug 14th, 2021
donkey trash talks another derpy donkey Aug 14th, 2021
Chinchilla pirates on the S.S. Chilla Aug 14th, 2021
An ostrich wearing headphones Aug 14th, 2021
gorila hav short!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aug 13th, 2021
orange scribble square inside yellow +green May 19th, 2021
sexy minotaur May 14th, 2021
Pink knife May 14th, 2021
blacklight May 14th, 2021
Dog does the hoovering May 14th, 2021
Sign saying "No cannibalism" May 14th, 2021
Invader Zim May 13th, 2021
ancient elf has war flashback May 12th, 2021
OMG face on a guitar May 12th, 2021