April 9th, 2020   <3

tiinsel has drawn 906 drawings and authored 47 captions across 953 games. They follow 95 players and have 406 followers. They've earned a total of 11,041 emotes!

Pigeon Jun 28th
Lizard-nado Jun 26th
gay clown car Jun 25th
charmanderlizard rollerskating for stars Jun 25th
flamingo loves cheese Apr 1st
Magcargo Apr 1st
Panda musician Mar 31st
snake-boy on a giant living pink shoe Mar 31st
Garden salad Mar 31st
Pumpkin in a Suit Oct 15th, 2021
Pink and purple fish Oct 15th, 2021
white bear Oct 15th, 2021
shark confused at seaweed Oct 15th, 2021
furry hatching while green demon waves flag Jul 12th, 2021
swordfish in a whirlpool Jul 11th, 2021
Black cat chases white dog Jul 11th, 2021
Sneaky kitty steals Halloween sweets Jul 8th, 2021
crab paints a loverly painting of butterflys Jul 8th, 2021