March 28th, 2012   Rock Hill, South Carolina

GangsterJawa has drawn 182 drawings and authored 152 captions across 334 games. They follow 8 players and have 5 followers. They've earned a total of 668 emotes!

Roger Rabid! Nov 24th, 2012
What makes Britain Great? Nov 23rd, 2012
Cookie Monster reborn as...Surasshu! Nov 18th, 2012
A drawception P, least it's not the D Nov 18th, 2012
League of Legends Nov 17th, 2012
Mini jaguar eating a man's eyebrow. Nov 17th, 2012
Snowman apocalypse Nov 16th, 2012
Knock knock, who's there:  CAMEL!!!! Nov 15th, 2012
lightning powered cactus! Nov 15th, 2012
scarecrow loves a good sun rise Nov 15th, 2012
Thailand: Land of Dragons and Death Nov 15th, 2012
Ekki-Ekki-Ekki-Ekki-PTANG Zoom-Boing'z.. Nov 13th, 2012
My only weakness.... MATH! Oct 18th, 2012
Contingent States+Alaska=? Oct 14th, 2012
Werewolf relaxes on a couch Oct 13th, 2012
Gundam Style Sep 29th, 2012
Gangnam Style Sep 5th, 2012
nekomimi dalek Sep 5th, 2012