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April 24th, 2020   Balltown, Iowa

This person131331434 has drawn 805 drawings and authored 432 captions across 1,237 games. They follow 8 players and have 28 followers. They've earned a total of 1,738 emotes!

Giving someone the cold shoulder (literally) Oct 29th, 2022
Consume Metal Ass -Bend Oct 30th, 2021
Baby Emperor Penguin Eating A Cupcake Jun 20th, 2021
Camera Symbol Jun 15th, 2021
Pingu the movie Jun 17th, 2021
bobby hill Jun 16th, 2021
SCP-173 Jun 15th, 2021
Pingu (tv character) Jun 5th, 2021
Our lord and saviour, Pingu May 17th, 2021
eAT PANT May 10th, 2021
Gollum May 9th, 2021
Manic Hedgehog May 7th, 2021
Twilight Sparkle gets a makeover by Rarity May 7th, 2021
Maggie on a Boat May 7th, 2021
 Very REALISTIC pengu Dec 18th, 2017
Dababy Apr 30th, 2021
Musician playing Drawception Apr 22nd, 2021
Step 1. Get kidnapped by your grandmother Dec 29th, 2020