May 14th, 2020

thekrissy has drawn 424 drawings and authored 386 captions across 810 games. They follow 11 players and have 14 followers. They've earned a total of 1,313 emotes!

Mickey and Minnie are in love Aug 1st, 2020
Step one: eat the normies Jul 29th, 2020
Ghetto squidward May 22nd, 2020
Tinkerbell Jul 11th, 2020
Everytime I close my eyes Jul 9th, 2020
Mickey Mouse watches the sunset Jul 4th, 2020
Canada Day Jul 1st, 2020
House from the movie Up Jun 30th, 2020
Diver snake Jun 28th, 2020
A bear is a comedian but isn't funny Jun 26th, 2020
Tarzan Jun 25th, 2020
Thicc Megamind Jun 19th, 2020
Nice Swordfish Jun 19th, 2020
Step 1: Seymour! Jun 19th, 2020
Princess and the Frog Jun 17th, 2020
Rapunzel and the floating lanterns Jun 17th, 2020
Retro Unicorn Jun 16th, 2020
Winnie the Pooh and Piglet are bffs Jun 14th, 2020