Contests » Halloween caption contest

Congrats to Syllber for the winning entry and 50 duck prize. Thanks to everyone who entered and voted! Here are the final results of the Halloween caption contest.

"Told Mom, "I want a costume with appeal""
By Syllber

Wait - did she say 'Wear a *bandana*'!?

By craftyBarnardo

A very a-peel-ing trick or treater

By wkommor


By The Cereal Killer

"I am a Boonana!"

By SpacenSpace


By Jobby2

Banana learns about banana flavord candy

By FraggleRocker

Next house to offer me PB&J gets peeled!

By hiddensquire

Paranoid Banandroid

By Jigor

And you think getting fruit sucks.

By OooOOOoOo

Kidz R coming! Gotta split!

By JonnyCome-at-me-bro

I hope those aren't Gorillas in the mist

By kentcleek

its peanut butter murder time!

By Angela425

OH $@&! There's A SPIDER In My Costume!!

By Corvax

Banana realizes he's only 1 w/o costume

By Andrea1957

My pail is not big enough!

By Observer


By BubbyJello

Banana stunned by poor nutrition.

By Pluto

History's first existential crisis.

By Seth3470

SCARY PUMPKINS? ...That's just bananas.

By OooOOOoOo

Unapeeling Banana Trick or Treats

By Teh Lazy Spatula

Banana Found King Kong's Halloween Party

By Shadowbound

Is that KINGKONG? Oh no he looks hungry!

By Dizzydezy

What's yellow & dangerous at Halloween?

By Scone

Turns out it was a trick after all...

By Ackter

Trick-or-Treater Jelly Time!

By shyfirebird

Peanut Butter Halloween Time!

By EmileJ

O..M..G.. Is that a KILLER TOMATO?? Nooo

By Dizzydezy

Zombanana goes trick-or-treating.

By kapinou

"I am a banana!" goes Trick-or-Treating.

By Andrew2295

What a "Rejected" Halloween costume.

By Scrank

The banana people deserve candy too!

By Maggs

Dancing banana enters The Hunted Games.

By OooOOOoOo

Banana has no costume to trick-or-treat

By ShawnW

Dressing as candy on halloween BAD idea!

By Raimond

i am a banana! trick or treating!

By mysticism

It's peanut butter trick-or-treat time!

By SailorButterfly


By Kyouhei

Derp... No banana flavored candy I hope.

By kelzchan

'Rejected' banana doesn't need a costume

By MishenNikara

Banana & pumpkin associate flee shadows

By Son of man 00

A banana being stalked by Hsien-ko & co.

By Observer

PBJ time banana senses Oogie boogie

By Case

"I'm the banana from Billy Madison, Duh"

By Trevor4959

Recess Peanut Butter Time! (repeat)

By Shparks

Trick or Peanut Butter Jelly Time?

By FingersTehHand

I wanna be a banana for halloween

By Monk-Weasel

GiantPurpleMonkey&cannibals chase Banana

By Kinch

Dole mascot can't handle Halloween candy

By pharmDraw

A Banana got a rock...

By Soda Claus

boy wishes at well to become bananaman

By tendo

Shocked banana is lone trick or treater.

By Pyro

Should've desgised self as candy -busted

By PixiAngel

Derpin' banana goes trick or treatin'.

By Ultimuh

Rejected banana shocked by Haunted House

By bcschles

PB&J-time cant find jelly on halloween

By Bullet Bill


By Jaiden

"Why must no one love me tonight?"

By Seth3470

Banana scares as he sees horrible things

By Lorenzo5329

PB Jelly Time goes trick or treating

By Monk-Weasel

Derpana Vampire goes trick-or-treating

By Protodile

bannana petrified of halloween night

By Johnnykes

Banana freaking over hurricane on H-ween

By ♫♪♫♪♫☻♥☺♫♪♫♪♫

7 Hours with a Halloween Banana

By Arrangemonk

Banana TrickorTreating in Halloweentown.

By Leah49

Halloweenbanan high on peanutbutterjelly

By Catoblephag

Banana cries blood: WORST.HW.PARTY.EVER!

By Talon