Frequently Asked Questions

How do I play?

Simply login and hit Play! You'll either be given a random drawing to describe or a caption to draw. You have the option to skip and get a new one if you'd like. There is no commitment to complete the panel you're given. When you exit or skip, it'll be released back into the queue for other players.

What are the rules?

Here they are! See also our Moderation Policy.

Do I need to be able to draw well?

Not at all! Simple doodles and stick figures are very welcome. Most players are not artists and in fact the game relies on a mixture of drawing abilities. However, you are encouraged to try your best, and if you continue to play your drawings will improve over time! You can also experiment and practice drawing via the Sandbox.

Why can I only play 8 games at a time?

New players are limited in the number of games they can play until their account has some built some history. This helps limit the damage that a troll can do. Once you have a some games under your belt you'll be able to play more! Alternatively, you can upgrade to Drawception Gold to immediately bypass the troll throttle and gates.

Why are some names green?

Green names are new players! They remain green until having played enough games to bypass the troll throttle.

Is there a mobile app for Drawception?

Not yet, but there really should be! It's by far the most common request. But this is a small operation, run by 1 person inbetween other work. If your company is interested or you're an angel investor, contact me and we'll make it happen! In the meantime, I try to keep the site relatively mobile friendly and you can play via your smartphone or tablet by visiting on your device.

How long does it take for a game to complete?

Most games complete within a day, and sometimes in just a couple hours. It varies depending on how many people are playing and how the game may have taken shape. If a game starts or morphs into complicated descriptions then it will take longer to complete since players will skip over it more often. Make your games with simple prompts for the best results.

What does the flag button do on panels?

Drawception is largely moderated by the community itself and a few moderators. The flag button is used to remove inappropriate or invalid panels. When a panel is flagged by enough players it is removed from the game. If a player has too many panels removed, then they become limited in the number of games they can play. At a certain point they won't be able to play at all.

How do I play with my friends?

Go to Create and select the private game type. You will get a private link that you can share with anyone that you want to play with! Note that they will need to have a Drawception account though.

What are Dustcatchers?

Dustcatchers are descriptions that many players didn't want to draw and are automatically dropped from the game as a result. This is usually due to the description being too difficult or cryptic. These descriptions are removed in order to help keep the game running smoothly and reduce the amount of skipping that players need to do. There is no penalty if you have descriptions become dustcatchers, but please try to simplify them in the future.

When describing a drawing, focus on the main subject. Don't worry about the details too much. Avoid being too specific and avoid abbreviations. Descriptions that are too specific or detailed tend to get skipped by most players. Think about it from the perspective of the player who will be asked to draw it.

What are Ducks?

Ducks are Drawception's currency that you can use to get new features, special palettes, different types of game modes and even award to other players! This is what helps pay for the servers and keeps the game alive.

Why ducks? Well, it's quirky and fun! Plus alliteration (Drawception Duck, Drawception 'n Duck). Bucks -> Ducks. Fun puns. Ducks given. And finally, who doesn't love ducks?! :)

How do I get ducks?

Primarily by buying them via the Duck Store, which also upgrades your account to Gold.

You can also get ducks by completing your first 24 games, winning contests and from players who really liked your drawing, caption, comment or forum post. Asking for ducks is not allowed, but if you consistently create good content and are a friendly helpful player you may be surprised by what happens!

Why is giving a Duck limited to Gold accounts?

It helps limit exploits like creating multiple accounts to get the free ducks and then funneling them all to a single account.

Why do some players have the name OooOOOoOo?

They are the ghosts of players who either deleted their account or were banned. "OooOOOoOo" is a reference to a game called Ultima Online, where dead players could only speak like ghosts!

Drawing isn't working, what's up?

Make sure that you have javascript enabled and are using a modern browser. Chrome works the best, but Firefox and Safari are also good choices.

Also disable ad blockers as they sometimes inadvertently block drawings and break game features. We don't have ads anyway!

If you run into any bugs or issues, please submit a bug report to the forum (or via email) and include your browser/version and any steps to reproduce it.

Is it ok to use 3rd party scripts?

It depends. You cannot use scripts that add or alter colors, have text tools or autodraw. These are forbidden and will result in a permanent ban if used. All players need to have the same basic drawing tools. Most other types of scripts are OK, but if you're unsure, please ask in the forums or email.

My name is showing up in search engines, how do I remove it?

The best option is to change your username to something anonymous. Then the new name will become associated with your drawings.

If you've already done that, but are still showing up on Google, it means their results are out of date. To fix this, use this form to request that Google updates their cached copy.

How do I delete my account?

Go to settings and scroll down to the "Danger Zone". But beware, there is no way to undo this! If you want to disassociate with your drawings, then it's better to change your username.

Why was my comment removed?

Chances are you were breaking the "don't be a jerk" rule, spamming, inciting or participating in a flamewar.

When commenting be nice and assume good faith. Don't attack others. Don't introduce political or ideological topics. This is not the place for it. We're focused on being a fun, funny and friendly game for everyone, let's keep it that way!

If you feel your comment was mistakenly removed, please email the moderators and include a link to the comment you're asking about.

Why do I have the Slow Post restriction?

You were spamming or consistently posting useless, unconstructive or negative comments. Treat it as a serious warning and think a lot more carefully about what you're posting. If you continue posting as you were, it will likely lead to being banned.

To get the restriction removed, you'll need to improve the quality of your discourse. Be helpful and friendly with other players. Be thoughtful and contribute things of value. Don't just post to hear yourself talk. Don't introduce toxicity. We strive to keep this a friendly, helpful and welcoming place for everyone. Once you've demonstrated improvement for at least a couple weeks, email the moderators to request an appeal.

Why was my account banned?

Most likely it was the result of one or more of the following:

  • Intentionally derailing games
  • Submitting NSFW content
  • Attacking other players (i.e., being a jerk)
  • Posting garbage in the comments or forums
  • Creating/abusing alt accounts
  • NSFW player name or avatar
  • Abusing an exploit
  • Dodging a ban or restriction
  • Being under the age of 13

How do I appeal being banned or slow posted?

Email the moderators to make your case. Our moderators are friendly, fair and give second chances. You'll just need to demonstrate that you understand the problem and give assurance that it won't be repeated.