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Congrats to FraggleRocker for the winning entry and 50 duck prize. Thanks to everyone who entered and voted! Here are the final results of the Caption this drawing caption contest.

"Witness protection undergoes budget cuts"
By FraggleRocker

I've got this contest in the bag.

By hiddensquire

Sentient bag digests man. Is pleased.

By LoganDoganPogan

Poeticy had this contest in the bag

By un-sunny

Sha na na na na na na na na Bagman!

By Desmond

Online No One Knows You Are A Paper bag

By Maggs

Corvax forgets to wear his mask

By shyfirebird

Congratulations! Your PLANK has evolved!

By Dewmz

Best acne treatment ever

By Bärt

There's no masking your inner child.

By MeCooper

Cheapest facial plastic surgery in town

By le pape

Why is there a man in my lunch bag...?

By sambchop

What bag?

By Moku

Forever alone 2.0

By SydStorm

Official DC NSFW Helmet O' Shame

By GrimbyBECK

"The Unknown Artist"

By CaptainEnforcer

He's frowning on the inside.

By Stickpool

It smells like fried chicken in here

By Dizzydezy

My anonymity pleases me greatly.

By Syllber

Oh Poe, you're not THAT ugly...

By Ackter

HA HA HA! No one will know I am Poeticy!

By leilei

Paper, please.

By JusKF

New look from Cover Girl.

By boopboop

Snake, I know that is you!

By Valevale

You have selected: Bachelor Number One!!

By Ad88388

There- I've stopped sparkling... Happy?

By silva

Spongebag Squarehead

By Thomas7147

We are Anonymous. We are Legion.

By Sophie3909

(EdEddnEddy) Johny and Plank's lovechild

By agitated_duckling

The New Face of Anonymous

By Maggs

Do Not Open Until December 21st, 2012

By dezbo21

Hello, I'm a Chiefs fan.

By Pluto

Tesco Baggins of Bag End

By Fuesch

The cannibal wanted a sack lunch.

By Hank the Dog

The only way to contain my awesomeness!

By dezbo21

This is how I face the world.

By Ambassadork

This is why I'm in Therapy...

By Soda Claus

No more mistaken identity for Corvax.

By Raylenna

Lazy Drawer uses bag to cover details

By Teh Lazy Spatula

Under every smile, hides a dark secret.

By Vasconium

This IS my face! Yes, I eat through it!

By Dasyati

This IS my real face...

By Satyrist

I draw smileys on bags to hide the pain.

By pilopirate

I have a's bad.

By cvbnvcxz

Snake, I know that is you!

By Valevale

Actually this is my real face...

By thorsini

The mouth looks like a nose. unsee that!

By OooOOOoOo

It's always the ones that seem happy...


Working at the store has not changed me

By Doulou

My face on a good day

By Cashlin

Ah, the joy of anonymity.

By The Troll Doctor

Superhero costume v1.0

By Kureyuki

Shouldn't we lie down?..

By DementedSun

The Ultimate Avatar

By MeCooper

Papa's got a brand new bag.. Woop! Woop!

By footsocktoe

I cut eyeholes...but have no eyes?

By mkfreak2

Murder Girl's boyfriend

By Poeticy

Hypoxia never looked this good!

By Zorbing

What to wear when the world ends.

By Jman

Can't see a thing! Help find my glasses?

By Syllber

Missed her period but not her lunch hour

By Unanimousmaneki

Yo mamma so ugly she wears a paper bag

By mollum

Person wearing a bag

By rtucker913

Johnny lost Plank, but made a new friend

By happygrowl

Bath Salts..stay away.

By Mashyy

Paperbag Princess, your doing it wrong.

By Jsbwalker

No one here but us smiley paper bags!

By PeaceMonkey


By HatSimulacrum

A strange turn of events for Anonymous

By Maggs

It's a good day for Ugly Bob.

By Caspar

This is no Edgar Allen

By Maggs

My face, eaten by wolves

By Butterbuns

Mr. McBadbat is proud of his son Chester

By lakrymose

Am I pretty now? :D

By sammario

Johnny from EE&E wants to become Plank.

By Cameron7224

Candlejack goes low-budg

By Goodguy3

Hiding your true feelings.

By Ultimuh

The perfect sex aid.

By MeCooper

Superhero's Sidekick, Paper Bag Boy!

By Shadowbound

Thomas Pynchon out for a stroll

By Arousing

Couldn't punch my way out of a paper bag

By sambchop

Going as Hannibal Lecter for Halloween

By Adthedude

I swear, this IS my real face!!!

By Mark4077

a bag over my head makes me happy.

By burgozmo

Clearly, this wasn't his day...

By Vasconium

Hey kids! It's me, Mr. Paper-Bag Head!

By roadrunner95

i wish i was dead

By saraolson

I remember to cut holes first this time!

By Michael4302

They said: 'Be happy everyday'...^`-´^

By catpat

He'll be happy until he suffocates. :P

By Scrank

A guy in a paper bag with a drawn face

By oblongspider93

Little Timmy + Bag = Suffocation

By Eddie Swiss

Dress up a corpse w/ "Smiling Paper Bag"

By Fluffy2543

Oh boy ! I'm soo hidden now !

By RedFace

Anonymity is happiness

By PeaceMonkey

Paper-Head-Bag: $6.99! Joy GUARANTEED!

By HeLovesSheElves

Ran out of time drawing a juggler. Sorry

By JonasNG

Hey! It's Mr. Paper-Bag Head!

By roadrunner95

Plank wish to be a real boy and well...

By wellwellwhale

Who said "Mattress" to Mr. Lambert?

By GangsterJawa

Mr. Paperbagheadman is pleased with this

By OnionMan

great!bad day 2 buy superglue *sigh

By Kymm

stupid bag mask

By Scribb

Shufflebot has an innocent little kidbot

By Cowgoesmeow

ugly kid happy wen got paper bag 4 xmas

By Kymm

Faust wants to appeal to more people

By Arti4000

Desperately trying to appear to smile

By Amahran

a man with a happy box as a head

By Bloded

Beauty is only skin deep.

By Sinaqui

Paperbag Head Avatar

By Troll-Ra

Haloween costume: Paper bag!

By GQueiroz

Here's Mr Happy Paperbag, ready for date

By RedFace

Fugly date disguise!

By Kim7555

Paperbag Man! King of the bums.

By Timboslice

Paper bag has useful design for ugly ppl

By Lozza7

I'll be happy to help, Sir!

By sammario

Bag boy boggled

By justjoy66

Happy bag man

By SirGIzmo

blissful little character with a bag

By Informis

Silly paper bag pretend to be a human

By Cyber Bunny

Paperbag sniffed some crack

By Sorrow872


By mikepc

ugly guy needs a bag over its head

By Guusyboy

Smart but ugly man meets his blind date

By papioBroccoli

She can't fight a way out of a paper bag

By Joe HF

Bag Head

By Reed