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Stephen Mercer

Level: 67
Joined: December 9th, 2014
Location: Dagenham, United Kingdom
26114 XP (1478 to next level)

Latest Games

In a heartbeat PIO Aug 5th +3 xp


fave anime PIO (madoka!) Aug 5th +5 xp


Tapu lele Pokemon May 20th +6 xp


Forest fire May 20th +1 xp


step 1 start the game May 12th +9 xp


no, it's duck season May 12th +10 xp


Hunter Koala May 11th +2 xp


a couple tenderly kisses May 11th +5 xp


shadow, but with no neck + extra edge May 11th +10 xp


Blind Chili Dog May 10th +1 xp