Fred the Potato

June 14th, 2017   Nearest food

Fred the Potato has drawn 1,530 drawings and authored 323 captions across 1,853 games. They follow 325 players and have 595 followers. They've earned a total of 15,354 emotes!

mista Sep 21st
Diavolo (jojo) Sep 20th
Sans Sep 18th
Cyan Sep 13th
The Monopoly Man is ripped Sep 15th
speedwagon Sep 13th
I, Giorno Giovanna, have a dream Sep 12th
Kira for smash bros Sep 7th
golden wind requiem Sep 7th
sans says trans rights Sep 7th
1840’s orphan in a top hat Sep 6th
Peter Griffin Mitosis Sep 4th
Arrivederci Sep 5th
JoJo X Sailor Moon Sep 5th
Quaint cottage in the woods Sep 3rd
It's all coming together Sep 1st
MrBeast and boyinaband drink milk together Aug 28th
Calvin (Calvin and Hobbes) is a superhero Aug 27th