December 29th, 2020

ka3ru has drawn 86 drawings and authored 50 captions across 136 games. They've earned a total of 297 emotes!

Yenfei from genshin Sep 16th, 2021
Chef working at a Bakery, making a Cake. Sep 15th, 2021
man is happy to have a loaf for a hand Sep 14th, 2021
Someone's lips are happy Sep 14th, 2021
BONER Tree Sep 14th, 2021
Rich Octopus Sep 9th, 2021
saiki k under a sakura tree Sep 8th, 2021
Android in red suit is a contract killer Sep 8th, 2021
2 girls say Smoking isn't cool! Sep 8th, 2021
Vandalizing Cemetery Sep 8th, 2021
Venti from genshin impact in the grass Sep 8th, 2021
An intense battle between virgin and chad Sep 8th, 2021
...Do you know who Bronson Pinchot is? Sep 8th, 2021
pig on acid Sep 8th, 2021
sailor moon cracks egg with bicep Sep 8th, 2021
Rapunzel's emo phase Sep 7th, 2021
A snake cut in half with scissors Sep 7th, 2021
perfect 1 centimeter cube Sep 7th, 2021