March 26th, 2021

jesushellachrist has drawn 46 drawings and authored 145 captions across 191 games. They follow 2 players and have 2 followers. They've earned a total of 282 emotes!

Tomodachi Apr 2nd, 2021
A man in a car Apr 2nd, 2021
woody wood pecker on drugs Apr 2nd, 2021
A Walking Corn with Swag Apr 2nd, 2021
barney the dinosaur Apr 1st, 2021
Garfield declares croissants are 'Folk' Apr 1st, 2021
snoo has died :( Apr 1st, 2021
Human aging process in trippy void Apr 1st, 2021
Relax in the tUUb Apr 1st, 2021
sad mom smoke weed and neglect son Mar 31st, 2021
girl with purple hair looks at a shirt Mar 31st, 2021
half a crying man asking why Mar 30th, 2021
Steve’s angry. His computers’ leaking slime Mar 30th, 2021
Catching Honey Mar 30th, 2021
A Robin Mar 30th, 2021
abstract art of colorful eyes on a black back Mar 30th, 2021
Human questions existence while in a corner Mar 30th, 2021
evil rabbit Mar 30th, 2021