June 20th, 2021   Northern BC

robotbatman has drawn 155 drawings and authored 145 captions across 300 games. They follow 39 players and have 8 followers. They've earned a total of 572 emotes!

little penguin in a sweater with frog mouth Nov 30th, 2021
Old idea of a Car from the future Oct 5th, 2021
Wet Garfield not happy Oct 5th, 2021
Pov you are a monster attacking a damsel Oct 5th, 2021
Armadillo Lawyer Sep 14th, 2021
Superman is in Hospital Sep 13th, 2021
xenomorph Sep 13th, 2021
Bat man Sep 13th, 2021
zombie meets fish with legs Sep 12th, 2021
homer with his headphones on Sep 12th, 2021
9-Volt (Warioware) Sep 12th, 2021
Guy gets in third place, gets very excited Sep 12th, 2021
Zeus holding his lightning bolt Sep 12th, 2021
Minnie mouse with a hat Sep 12th, 2021
Confused by the gigantic donut upon the hill Sep 12th, 2021
bone for leg Sep 12th, 2021
duck inception Sep 12th, 2021
Last Place Janitor Sep 3rd, 2021