April 19th, 2012   US

illicit has drawn 294 drawings and authored 235 captions across 529 games. They follow 3 players and have 4 followers. They've earned a total of 831 emotes!

frog no want leaf Nov 17th, 2012
The Antichrist at karaoke night. Nov 16th, 2012
Blue guy ruined Robotnik's plans! Nov 15th, 2012
flying wagonwheel Nov 15th, 2012
Alien Shooting Nov 15th, 2012
Lady in red sings lovesong to Earth Nov 15th, 2012
Flying Spaghetti Monster torments a crab Nov 15th, 2012
the ghost giving up pretend to be child Nov 15th, 2012
Talking French fry Nov 9th, 2012
morticia as a zombie Nov 9th, 2012
Decapitated Drawception Logo Nov 8th, 2012
Solid Snake is green around the edges Nov 8th, 2012
Shark Plane Nov 8th, 2012
Red wagon with square wheels won't roll. Nov 8th, 2012
ice nerd melted Nov 7th, 2012
Dormant Volcano Nov 7th, 2012
Snoopy for Republican candidate in 2016 Nov 7th, 2012
a crown girl punishing herself Nov 7th, 2012