August 13th, 2013

Rakuda88 has drawn 413 drawings and authored 139 captions across 552 games. They follow 11 players and have 11 followers. They've earned a total of 3,377 emotes!

two monkeys fighting over a football Apr 21st, 2016
Legless Female Fox chases Winnie the Pooh Apr 20th, 2016
Meth: Not Even Once - Apple Edition Mar 4th, 2016
Spiderman is dying of thirst on an island. Mar 4th, 2016
cats do tail twerk Mar 4th, 2016
Markipleir wants senpai Mar 4th, 2016
Alien Hanger Abduction Mar 4th, 2016
Clownfish with crown and scepter is sad Sep 28th, 2015
Speedos guy, car for head, presents elmo sign. Apr 17th, 2015
Devil burger cow enjoys fire / corner bleeds Apr 17th, 2015
Confused High High School Student is Confused Apr 17th, 2015
Visuals the headhog just lost the game Apr 1st, 2015
samus draws Mar 31st, 2015
green monster grasps kid tightly Mar 31st, 2015
Casting spells on shorts to make them magical Mar 30th, 2015
Person with scar on forehead refuses brain Mar 30th, 2015
Luigi-lephant is the life of the party Mar 27th, 2015
My spider wife sucks at spider things Mar 26th, 2015