January 31st, 2014

Sockpuppets? has drawn 30 drawings and authored 823 captions across 853 games. They follow 200 players and have 45 followers. They've earned a total of 2,402 emotes!

pi Mar 15th, 2018
Local white boy tries to throw stick, fails Mar 15th, 2018
glossy taco Mar 14th, 2018
Switch PIO Mar 13th, 2018
a loving cat Mar 13th, 2018
Fat guy with red lightning shirt Mar 12th, 2018
man needs help Mar 11th, 2018
threatening zombie girl in beautiful dress Mar 11th, 2018
This panel is censored for your convenience Mar 5th, 2018
Yellmo caught murdering Mar 3rd, 2018
Any 'Diverse' character PIO Sep 25th, 2017
trees and mountains Sep 8th, 2017
Modern Art Sep 6th, 2017
Your least favourite movie scene Sep 4th, 2017
Marge Simpson in the Dark Sep 2nd, 2017
Free draw with your foot P.I.O. Aug 26th, 2017
Antlered deer in the forest Aug 25th, 2017
WikiHow: How to ruin a drawception game Aug 8th, 2017