Kick Frenzy

September 12th, 2014   Fenfarg, Zindra, Second Life

Kick Frenzy has drawn 822 drawings and authored 717 captions across 1,539 games. They follow 32 players and have 110 followers. They've earned a total of 4,699 emotes!

canyon? May 19th
Space Mailbox May 4th
Yellow spider Apr 24th
blue hair girl with leaf blower Apr 6th
Pink creature gives thumbs up Mar 30th
happy pickle? Mar 23rd
step 12: fall asleep Mar 23rd
Seashore Mar 15th
Tiny human in ant colony Mar 9th
Man gets surprised when surrounded by green Feb 20th
This bald man in a purple shirt is thinking. Feb 9th
Star wars rip off Jan 30th
A lonely road. Witch way you don't know Jan 22nd
Block man questions life Jan 20th
piggy bank vs. chicken bank Jan 17th
S T E A M E D  H A M S Jan 16th
M&M is confused about having multiple arms Jan 16th
Coin worth two cents Jan 9th