Kick Frenzy

September 12th, 2014   Fenfarg, Zindra, Second Life

Kick Frenzy has drawn 803 drawings and authored 701 captions across 1,504 games. They follow 30 players and have 105 followers. They've earned a total of 4,532 emotes!

Dragon with no teeth Dec 10th
Green head w/wings surrounded by green eyes Dec 1st
Very long arrow at hihg speds Nov 26th
A pumpkin and a bat Nov 2nd
high ghost?? Oct 24th
Vote! Oct 19th
swaggy tree dude Oct 6th
Wooden sign next to stones on sunny day Oct 2nd
clouds having a race Sep 13th
sad duck in between of two black lines Sep 2nd
4" nail Aug 24th
Anime Aug 22nd
Alien is speechless on empty planet Aug 1st
a duck swimming Jul 25th
3 headed swan with a duck for a shoulder Jul 16th
Abstract art made using the color green Jul 11th
a snake that hasnt eaten in days, also smokin Jul 4th
Spyro the hedgehog Jul 1st