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WYE 55 [ 6:43am Sun Jan 29th, 2017 ]

I thought this theme lent itself well to Ori and the Blind Forest, but it turns out the colors aren't a perfect match after all. Needless to say, though, amhart's drawing is wonderful.

Kudos to those who got the reference!

Commented in the game Ori and the blind forest

WYE 55 [ 5:28am Sat Jan 21st, 2017 ]

Hey, that's actually my favorite Undertale character.

Commented in the game Vulkin (undertale monster no one talks about)

WYE 55 [ 10:02am Sun Jan 15th, 2017 ]

Oh man, I remember that hack. Wish it had been finished.

Commented in the game Super Mario Odyssey

WYE 55 [ 12:59pm Mon Dec 19th, 2016 ]

@PhillyGirl1 I can't say I get why, but alright. I'll just be skipping those then.

Commented in the game someBODY ONCE TOLD ME

WYE 55 [ 4:29pm Sun Dec 18th, 2016 ]

Didn't we have this exact game like four times?

Commented in the game someBODY ONCE TOLD ME

WYE 55 [ 2:46pm Mon Dec 5th, 2016 ]

This is like two games in one.

Commented in the game Id like a number nine...(cont. order)

WYE 55 [ 11:21am Sat Dec 3rd, 2016 ]

Man, I *loved* Digimon Frontier when I was younger. :)

Commented in the game Chakmon (please google it)

WYE 55 [ 1:24pm Thu Dec 1st, 2016 ]

@Argo3422 Consistent games are impressive, and that's why they make it to the top. The way I see it, it's this "sharing the moment" feeling that unites people, as in "oh hey, haha, we were all thinking the same thing".

I do agree that having too many consistent games is boring though.

Commented in the game Astrophysicist Black Guy

WYE 55 [ 3:54am Thu Dec 1st, 2016 ]

Kermit and Yellmo in a wrestling match,
yeah yeah yeah yeah.

Commented in the game Kermit and Yellmo in a wrestling match

WYE 55 [ 3:41pm Wed Nov 23rd, 2016 ]

@Drawsome Drawer that's the first thing I thought of too. :D

Commented in the game Kurt and Bernie

WYE 55 [ 3:05pm Wed Nov 23rd, 2016 ]

Quite the transformation!

Commented in the game smurf with glasses is pointing

WYE 55 [ 11:36am Thu Nov 17th, 2016 ]

@Death by Squeegee I presume it's lyrics from Oasis's “Wonderwall“, since the drawing kind of looks like one of the band members.

Commented in the game Because maybe...

WYE 55 [ 1:22am Wed Nov 16th, 2016 ]

@King Kartoon it's okay, no hard feelings. :) Let's hope the site won't glitch out on me next time.

Commented in the game Grass and stones

WYE 55 [ 11:34pm Mon Nov 14th, 2016 ]

@King Kartoon it seriously did not show up for me. I even opened the image in another tab and there was no data there. Man, I was afraid that was gonna happen.


Commented in the game Grass and stones

WYE 55 [ 4:35pm Mon Nov 14th, 2016 ]

Okay, wow, panel 2.
It's an honor just to be able to upvote it.

Commented in the game Yosemite National Park

WYE 55 [ 4:33pm Mon Nov 14th, 2016 ]

"pep" being short for "pepperoni" I take it. :>

Commented in the game Butter instead of soap

WYE 55 [ 4:44pm Mon Oct 24th, 2016 ]

I think I figured out the secret to good sunsets with Drawception's palette: don't try to be realistic, just make the whole sky pinkish. :T

Commented in the game Twilight is shining through the barrier.

WYE 55 [ 9:22am Mon Oct 24th, 2016 ]

I half-expected the second caption to be "smockingbird".

Commented in the game mockingbird smoking cigarette

WYE 55 [ 4:30am Sun Oct 23rd, 2016 ]

Compare panel 8 with panel 8 of https://drawception.com/game/P8LBwWpM9b/hen-tie/ .

Commented in the game Robot Bill from The Neverhood

WYE 55 [ 8:00am Thu Oct 6th, 2016 ]

There once was a man named Voltaire
who suddenly fused with his chair.
All efforts to gain
his old form were in vain,
thus ended his writing carrière.

Commented in the game Voltaire