May 8th, 2015   Hy Brasil

Brendan has drawn 121 drawings and authored 566 captions across 687 games. They follow 27 players and have 11 followers. They've earned a total of 1,540 emotes!

Late Evening Bar Oct 21st
How to create a top game Oct 21st
cat ice cream Oct 21st
busty witch adding stuff into cauldron Oct 21st
Reverse furry Oct 13th
Batman riding his tiny tricycle Oct 8th
Draw your dad. Pass it on if ya want. Oct 7th
Step 1: Make a 15 player game. Oct 3rd
Draw the average Drawception player. Oct 1st
Give me an idea for an art grant project PIO Oct 1st
Motivational Oricorio Oct 1st
Mint green conure Oct 1st
Bird swimming Oct 1st
Sans Car Oct 1st
Teletubbies but in jojo style Sep 30th
luna lovegood greets you Sep 30th
inktober Sep 30th
Number 15 Sep 30th