Astoria Butterflysky

December 2nd, 2015

Astoria Butterflysky has drawn 201 drawings and authored 161 captions across 362 games. They follow 3 players and have 0 followers. They've earned a total of 746 emotes!

Santa eating cookie Dec 25th, 2017
A character from a fantasy story P.I.O Dec 25th, 2017
Bossdog Dec 25th, 2017
Bijuu mike (youtuber) Oct 1st, 2017
Step 2: regret all your life decisions Jun 5th, 2017
Ghost thinks life was a dream Jun 5th, 2017
Kermit failed a math test May 27th, 2017
Last thing you touched is a Pokemon PIO Dec 31st, 2016
Guy flips off 2016 (THANK YOU LOL) Dec 31st, 2016
giant nebby eats bag Dec 30th, 2016
A royal dinosaur singing to a lamb about bombs Dec 30th, 2016
Favorite Pokemon Starter PIO (Cant pick...) Dec 29th, 2016
pink man carries vase with toxic symbol on it Dec 29th, 2016
This is going down in history  (Cont. Song) Dec 29th, 2016
Mexican Rogue One robot Dec 28th, 2016
haircut for a guy whose hair is undescribable Dec 28th, 2016
Guy with a pink P on his shirt screams at mlp Dec 28th, 2016
Angry dragon playing checkers Dec 28th, 2016