a chair

December 12th, 2015   cooleg

a chair has drawn 499 panels and authored 285 captions across 784 games. They follow 142 players and have 168 followers. Their panels have been liked ~8,720 times!

Umi Sonoda Sep 2nd
Jotaro's Lemonade Stand Aug 13th
Narancia Dance Aug 13th
Temmie (Undertale) was slaughtered Feb 7th
Neopolitian (RWBY) May 15th
Submarine May 11th
7 grand dad x 8 grand ma (the best ship) May 10th
The Rick And Morty Fandom Car-Mod Club May 8th
The world ends with a drawception game. May 8th
hulk becomes jedi May 7th
Scene from Godfather movie May 7th
My name is Shparks.  Today is my birthday. May 3rd
The JAZZA plague May 7th
Seitokai Yakuindomo May 7th
Snow Halation May 6th
What about Zoidberg? May 4th
I Finally Reached level 50! May 5th
Jazza wearing hazmat suit in the apocolypse May 4th