April 2nd, 2012   Salt Lake City, Utah

why has drawn 177 drawings and authored 44 captions across 221 games. They follow 22 players and have 13 followers. They've earned a total of 1,341 emotes!

Hayao Miyazaki directs Titanic Apr 8th, 2012
Super Saiyan table flipping Apr 8th, 2012
Brony : Adult Man fan of My Little Ponny Apr 5th, 2012
Skrillex riding a tricycle Apr 3rd, 2012
Darth Vader at the mall Apr 4th, 2012
The Rise of Cthulhu! Apr 3rd, 2012
Octopus fighting seven dwarfs with seven swords Apr 3rd, 2012
A gorilla hijacks the bus Apr 3rd, 2012
I love the Power Glove.  Its so bad. Apr 3rd, 2012
Battletoads Apr 3rd, 2012
Cthulu gets beatdown by hello kitty. Apr 3rd, 2012
Cute pig on a Skateboard Apr 2nd, 2012
Mr. Burns Apr 2nd, 2012
Batman eats at Rainbowland Mar 29th, 2012
Gandalf VS Saruman Apr 2nd, 2012