Nodo Bird

March 29th, 2016   In a state of confusion

Nodo Bird has drawn 737 drawings and authored 1,277 captions across 2,014 games. They follow 1,163 players and have 435 followers. They've earned a total of 12,952 emotes!

Foxes and Cherries May 18th, 2019
The Cat in the Hate May 30th
Beanstalk that reaches the clouds May 30th
Nightmare birds May 10th
Aku wearing Aku Aku Aug 3rd, 2018
Narancia can’t do math and fugo iz mad May 29th
Pandalorian May 29th
Seagulls (Stop it Now) May 29th
Free Draw Feb 24th
Dr. Seuss Ticket May 6th
Octopus Hell Nov 16th, 2019
Red Riding Hood exploring with a Vase May 26th
Steven Universe Feb 18th
Steven (SU) causes lightning Mar 22nd
pearl !!!! -steven universe- Mar 28th
Shrek with hyper realistic eyes Mar 3rd
wall-e and eve go on a date Mar 2nd
Edgy black hedgehog with a gun. Feb 23rd