May 7th, 2016

EgoGuy has drawn 71 drawings and authored 259 captions across 330 games. They've earned a total of 253 emotes!

Trump 2020 yard sign Sep 24th, 2020
People chasing people Sep 24th, 2020
Zero Suit Sans May 26th, 2018
Will-o'-the-wisp May 26th, 2018
Mr. Saturn saying get off my lawn May 22nd, 2018
Double U Sep 5th, 2017
step 1:go on a treasure hunt with your pet dog Sep 5th, 2017
The entrance to a bottomless abyss. Sep 5th, 2017
Confuse the next captioner as much as possible Sep 5th, 2017
The illuminati Sep 5th, 2017
Step 2: Put Them On Sep 5th, 2017
Happy face Sep 4th, 2017
pirates Sep 4th, 2017
Friday the 13th without Jason Sep 4th, 2017
chocolate ice cream is better then  mint Sep 4th, 2017
Twitch Chat in a nutshell Sep 4th, 2017
when the clock turns 4:20 Sep 4th, 2017
carrie Sep 4th, 2017