Stupid Git

June 21st, 2016

Stupid Git has drawn 673 drawings and authored 1,693 captions across 2,366 games. They follow 0 players and have 20 followers. They've earned a total of 4,052 emotes!

Give me the sauce, No! Finish your veggies Dec 20th, 2019
shaggy overdoses on pepto bismol Dec 18th, 2019
pikachu wearing lingerie Sep 19th, 2019
Metroid leeches life energy from mother brain Jul 14th, 2018
Samus Aran in xenomorph hive Jun 18th, 2018
Dog with a super long body Apr 9th, 2018
Porta potty transformer Jan 8th, 2018
 drawception D nightmare dustcatcher under bed Dec 28th, 2017
Wario carried like a bride by WaLuigi Dec 13th, 2017
Lady liberty sure has let herself go Aug 12th, 2017
Super Metroid Jul 10th, 2017
The Lion King May 22nd, 2017
RWBY Rose Jan 1st, 2017
mondatta zenyatta brother's (JoJo's BA) Sep 3rd, 2016
Saitama is the Avatar Oct 3rd, 2016
Batman slaps a fish! Aug 31st, 2016
The sentry is a spy! Aug 9th, 2016