July 26th, 2016

TheLovelyDuckling has drawn 166 drawings and authored 180 captions across 346 games. They follow 26 players and have 17 followers. They've earned a total of 613 emotes!

Rhythm Heaven Nov 8th, 2020
Astronaut May 6th, 2020
elloH Apr 19th, 2020
Tarantula Archaeologist Apr 19th, 2020
MY DAD Apr 19th, 2020
Mr. Blue Sky, personified Apr 19th, 2020
Girl is stuffed in locker Apr 18th, 2020
they never get Flynn Riders nose right Apr 17th, 2020
Neil cicierega Apr 16th, 2020
Woman with red streak in hair laying in water Apr 14th, 2020
hornet (hollow knight) saying git gud Apr 14th, 2020
Joker (Persona 5) Apr 14th, 2020
poggers Apr 13th, 2020
three milk jars and donuts Apr 13th, 2020
Butterfly made of jewels Apr 12th, 2020
Eating Yogurt with a Weed Apr 13th, 2020
Dragon hatching out of Easter egg Apr 12th, 2020
Raven in the rain Apr 12th, 2020