August 4th, 2016   San Diego, CA.

noun has drawn 412 drawings and authored 1,415 captions across 1,827 games. They follow 11 players and have 14 followers. They've earned a total of 5,566 emotes!

mailception Aug 28th
Black and white girl in a colourful world Jun 9th
Japan suffers while America is always in pain Jun 9th
Republican pickle Jun 8th
Bored Jun 8th
Revive 1st Drawception game you ever played Jun 8th
Walnut box art? Jun 8th
Original writing Jun 8th
Group of 3 in agreement Jun 7th
Drawing a brown piston Jun 7th
salt on acid Jun 7th
homestuck Jun 7th
Plane to nigeria Jun 7th
Heinz advertisement Jun 7th
Beach turning upside down Jun 7th
He’s 60 inches tall Jun 6th
Stonks are going up! (Stonks meme but happy) Jun 6th
cisco bird Jun 6th