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Level: 72
Joined: November 17th, 2016
Location: trapped in r/bertstrips, please send help
57725 XP (160 to next level)

Latest Games

Dancing Cats Dec 13th +4 xp


Insane Person Dec 12th +1 xp


Oscar bullies Big Bird Dec 12th +1 xp


Pimp Tree Dec 12th +2 xp


i'm an evil snowman mwahaha Dec 12th +3 xp blitz


Religious Nut Dec 12th +0 xp


Camping PIO Dec 12th +1 xp


3 yellmos dancing Dec 12th +51 xp


Missing Shoe Dec 12th +0 xp



y tho Dec 12th +5 xp


stewie with lenny face Dec 11th +6 xp