December 10th, 2016   The Second Star (to the right)

Flute06 has drawn 400 drawings and authored 316 captions across 716 games. They follow 453 players and have 228 followers. They've earned a total of 3,890 emotes!

Mexican squid with tea Feb 17th
Princess Bublegum x Marceline Jul 5th
Full Throttle Jun 30th
forging a sword Jun 29th
Did Narancia just use GOLDEN EXPERIENCE Jun 26th
Lush swamp Jun 24th
A planet and its moon Jun 24th
pio Jun 23rd
draw your fav pokemon as a mermaid for mermay May 14th
papaya Jul 13th, 2017
step 1: kill drawception with writeception Oct 21st, 2018
A princess in a castle Mar 26th, 2017
Han Duet Mar 24th, 2016
Draw something covered in RAD MOHAWKS!! P.I.O. Mar 5th, 2017
Prompt (e.g., A cow jumping over the moon) Jun 14th
Happy kid among several skulls Jun 12th
Me And The Boys Being The Drawception D Jun 11th
Landscape May 30th