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Level: 57
Joined: December 28th, 2016
Location: one with the crystallized dodekikus
6173 XP (745 to next level)

Latest Games

rip loser (bfb) Feb 17th +3 xp


pepe Feb 1st +1 xp


Natsuki (DDLC) Feb 1st +1 xp


4 Feb 1st +3 xp


loser (bfb) Jan 29th +3 xp


go icy youre my idol Jan 26th +4 xp



something edgy Jan 20th +3 xp


im sad Jan 13th +4 xp


Oswald the Unlucky Rabbit Jan 11th +6 xp


Epic Cow! Dec 30th +14 xp


Black White Cow, Green Eyes At Seaside. Dec 29th +17 xp