May 4th, 2017   Ref - gocomics.com/calvinandhobbes/1995/04/28

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Calvin and Hobbes play catch with a fish Nov 26th
Ash and Pikachu turned into Elmos Nov 23rd
a ferret enjoying some nice vibes :) Nov 2nd
Hobbes goes feral and eats Calvin Oct 22nd
Wolf eating Mars Sep 16th
Star rising over stormy seas. Night Sep 17th
beach and beachchair in moonlight Sep 9th
The ocean consumes calvin Sep 8th
The Legend of Zelda Aug 29th
Your favorite character from a video game Sep 1st
Turnip in the Tree Tops Aug 29th
Hilarious Park Aug 27th
Wildfires sunset Aug 26th
cat looks at ladybug on its paw Aug 13th
Halvin and Cobbes Aug 11th
Rat Janitor Aug 11th
twisted calvin and hobbes celebration Aug 10th
elmo rises from his throne Aug 7th