May 4th, 2017

Eighty8 has drawn 6,359 drawings and authored 533 captions across 6,892 games. They follow 1,832 players and have 4,401 followers. They've earned a total of 166,148 emotes!

drawception d holding fat ducks Nov 10th
Curious George Nov 15th
blue tall flower Nov 14th
Hello panel! No not you second panel Nov 14th
Zombie Kermit. Nov 14th
Squidward's Bizarre Adventure Nov 14th
A dog Nov 13th
beautiful city atnight Nov 13th
He held the large, blazing match in his hand Nov 13th
Sunset in the swamp Nov 12th
Snowman Melting Nov 11th
Winter forest Nov 11th
Edna devito wants capes Nov 8th
Be Kind To Others Nov 7th
Two Furrets lovingly embracing Nov 7th
Clouds in the sky Nov 7th
Favorite BNHA character pio, but in B&W! Nov 7th
Repopulate Drawception! Nov 6th