May 6th, 2017   Somewhere in Oklahoma.

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Kakyoin and Jotaro Oct 24th, 2019
We live in a society. Oct 23rd, 2019
Purple bike is king Oct 23rd, 2019
Gooigi Oct 21st, 2019
NES Controller Oct 21st, 2019
wizard says give me ur treats Oct 21st, 2019
Step 1: Find your long lost twin in Zimbabwe Oct 21st, 2019
Hot baby Oct 21st, 2019
Lenny sees you Oct 21st, 2019
Mr. Pumpkin has a gun Oct 21st, 2019
Man in hat makes uh oh stinky tik tok outside Oct 21st, 2019
Some gold in a hole Oct 21st, 2019
Addiction Oct 15th, 2019
Joe Bread Oct 15th, 2019
duolingo is angry u missed ur spanish lasson Oct 15th, 2019
Buzz determines floor is made of floor Oct 14th, 2019
Skeleton-sama got us milk Oct 10th, 2019
knight Oct 10th, 2019