June 27th, 2017

KingScrongus has drawn 378 drawings and authored 378 captions across 756 games. They follow 0 players and have 5 followers. They've earned a total of 861 emotes!

Man radiates the sun Nov 28th, 2020
German satanic ritual Nov 28th, 2020
bank robber Nov 28th, 2020
Bully with a head magnet Nov 28th, 2020
satan Nov 28th, 2020
shrek Nov 28th, 2020
Hatchling hulk gets off the egg Nov 28th, 2020
Turkey on a skateboard Nov 27th, 2020
Shrek funeral, RIP the OG Pog-Champ Chad Lord Nov 27th, 2020
20 dollar bill on a string Nov 27th, 2020
Tiny man sits on a teacup Nov 27th, 2020
a skeleton with money Nov 27th, 2020
1 To 1 Replica of the Mona Lisa Nov 25th, 2020
A German tank. Look out. Nov 25th, 2020
Man in a redit shirt works at a cola factory Nov 25th, 2020
Link from the legend of zelda Nov 25th, 2020
Mr. crabs Nov 25th, 2020
Einstein points at a giant floating blue pill Nov 25th, 2020