April 4th, 2012   Branford, Connecticut

Brandon9729 has drawn 23 drawings and authored 55 captions across 78 games. They follow 5 players and have 4 followers. They've earned a total of 112 emotes!

super duck!! AWAAAAAYYYY!!!! Feb 2nd, 2013
Garfield with Darth Vader mask Apr 9th, 2012
A Blueprint Apr 9th, 2012
derp buzz lightyear Apr 9th, 2012
Tony the tiger approves the Great Wall of China Apr 6th, 2012
Joss Whedon does Hello Kitty TV show Apr 6th, 2012
luigi and patrick are NOT second tier characters Apr 5th, 2012
3CPO is outraged by R2D2's frivolous attitude Apr 4th, 2012
green octopus gives jigglypuff hugs & kisses Apr 4th, 2012
He's on my six! Apr 4th, 2012
unicroplatypuhippogryph in snow next to a well Apr 4th, 2012
Sonic the hedgehog band Apr 4th, 2012
man dumps cheerleader Apr 4th, 2012
Man falls into mud, wants revenge Apr 4th, 2012
Reptar says to adam "We got a bad ass over here" Apr 4th, 2012
Link finds master sword in bowl of spaghetti-o's Apr 4th, 2012
Unicorn wants everyone to know what he is Apr 4th, 2012
Nice view of my farm Apr 4th, 2012