November 22nd, 2017

ErinH has drawn 199 drawings and authored 64 captions across 263 games. They follow 18 players and have 15 followers. They've earned a total of 567 emotes!

"The Scream" w/ gingerbread man + Cookie Mons Aug 31st, 2019
Sunset at sea Aug 31st, 2019
Draw something cute idc what Aug 21st, 2019
Draw anything, but color it wrong Aug 20th, 2019
Oddish is on fire Aug 21st, 2019
Eastern Dragon Aug 20th, 2019
What a beautiful Duwang! chew Aug 19th, 2019
The Knight (from Hollow Knight) Aug 20th, 2019
The Odd1sout Soobway Aug 20th, 2019
Gru x Dr Eggman Aug 20th, 2019
Stonks Aug 18th, 2019
Hellmo. Aug 18th, 2019
I just gave all my ducks for this palette :') Aug 18th, 2019
I used to rule the world, chunks would load Aug 18th, 2019
BB-8 Aug 18th, 2019
Bee collecting nectar Aug 17th, 2019
Walk like an Egyptian Aug 17th, 2019
House on a Hill Aug 6th, 2019