December 13th, 2017

LemonCake21 has drawn 121 drawings and authored 131 captions across 252 games. They follow 5 players and have 3 followers. They've earned a total of 320 emotes!

Bob Ross from Hell Jul 27th, 2019
a very potter musical Apr 14th, 2019
Space Invaders Apr 12th, 2019
Thanos Thursday Jan 26th, 2019
step 1: pet a sloth Jan 21st, 2019
An Object crossing the Ocean Jan 7th, 2019
The Death of A Bachelor Oct 19th, 2018
Captain Jack Sparrow vs. Captain Jack Harkness Feb 25th, 2014
Detroit: Become Human Aug 1st, 2018
Patrick Is Upset bc He Cant See His Forehead Jul 29th, 2018
Elephant giving a Presentation Jul 30th, 2018
The Addams family Jul 30th, 2018
Step 1: Become emo Jul 26th, 2018
The Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh Jul 16th, 2018
If you're gay then you're gay (Cont. Song) Jul 17th, 2018
What's a Frisk? Jul 14th, 2018
Pearl Starts a Race War Jul 14th, 2018
A Niffler Surrounded By Heaps of Valuables Jul 14th, 2018