June 7th, 2018

anateresa has drawn 393 drawings and authored 91 captions across 484 games. They follow 16 players and have 27 followers. They've earned a total of 1,452 emotes!

Snake says no to the job alarm Jul 17th, 2021
A lion and big cat in the jungle Jul 17th, 2021
Guy with a mustache and one eyebrow Jan 12th, 2021
Draw Any Pokémon Jan 12th, 2021
King on paper Jan 12th, 2021
Lobster Jan 12th, 2021
Punk rock Jan 11th, 2021
Person running from hurricane Jan 11th, 2021
A ghost singing that song by Shaggy Jan 11th, 2021
Lion with his eyes closed Jan 11th, 2021
sanic vs mario Jan 11th, 2021
minecraft fox Jan 11th, 2021
M&M finds a pair of pants Jan 11th, 2021
The World Wide Web Jan 10th, 2021
Boomerang wearing a shirt Jan 10th, 2021
frog with a tail and long tongue Jan 9th, 2021
blue duck Jan 9th, 2021
Hand in an Aquarium Dec 16th, 2020