yee rex

June 18th, 2018   Late Cretaceous Montana

yee rex has drawn 377 drawings and authored 426 captions across 803 games. They follow 5 players and have 15 followers. They've earned a total of 1,198 emotes!

Mermaid equivalent of an anglerfish Jul 12th
three passengers on the back of a giant goose Apr 13th
Dead worm in picture Apr 13th
Kentrosaurs jwe (look it up) Mar 14th
Fish with legs twerking Feb 10th
Intelleon Dec 3rd, 2019
snom (pokemon) Dec 3rd, 2019
free draw Dec 3rd, 2019
Human roadkill Dec 2nd, 2019
Ugandan Knuckles Dec 2nd, 2019
Crabby Dec 2nd, 2019
Forget Spiderpig, here's Spidersheep! Dec 2nd, 2019
Kirby is burninggggggg !! Dec 2nd, 2019
Ammonite is the lord. Oct 12th, 2019
galarian wheezing (pokemon) Oct 8th, 2019
Mr Resetti Jul 15th, 2019
Chewbacca vs Lion Jul 14th, 2019
Ant city under tree Jun 20th, 2019