yee rex

June 18th, 2018   Late Cretaceous Montana

yee rex has drawn 364 drawings and authored 399 captions across 763 games. They follow 6 players and have 14 followers. They've earned a total of 1,056 emotes!

Ammonite is the lord. Oct 12th
galarian wheezing (pokemon) Oct 8th
Mr Resetti Jul 15th
Chewbacca vs Lion Jul 14th
Ant city under tree Jun 20th
Florida Jun 16th
Purple Wooloo Jun 16th
Too many bunnies Jun 16th
Jake The Dog Is NAKED Jun 15th
Evil cookie monster Jun 15th
Burning poo Jun 15th
Orange cat in the wild Jun 14th
rich doggo May 17th
The Dinosaur that looks like iguana May 17th
Goth Triceratops May 16th
yellmo is getting revenge May 3rd
Brown fur May 3rd
Cubone/Marowak May 2nd