June 22nd, 2018   I draw with a mouse

SethDraws has drawn 85 drawings and authored 216 captions across 301 games. They follow 54 players and have 20 followers. They've earned a total of 600 emotes!

tem shop Oct 30th
Give me the Oct 29th
Legsune Miku Aug 28th
Drawception's profile picture Jun 23rd
Wander over Yonder Jun 24th
Black hat Jun 24th
Game Theory: Mario is Ness is Sans Jun 24th
Me and the boys but we’re number one. Jun 22nd
Whose that Pokemon? May 19th
disappointed detailed peppa pig May 19th
ditto as piplup May 9th
Derailing games is fun. Draw what you like. May 9th
Moths attracted to Volcarona's light May 9th
Step 1: meet 2D from Gorillaz. May 9th
Dratini Martini May 9th
ochako uraraka May 9th
This was a triumph May 8th
overwatch May 6th