August 27th, 2018

avpcan has drawn 163 drawings and authored 131 captions across 294 games. They follow 11 players and have 12 followers. They've earned a total of 549 emotes!

Putting out cigarette on doctors arm Jul 25th, 2020
Evil Polar Bear Sep 21st, 2020
Hamburger vs Meerkat Sep 16th, 2020
planets from another solar system Jul 18th, 2020
Snail Sep 1st, 2020
Fries from Hell Sep 1st, 2020
Poor Tongue Sep 1st, 2020
Ralph Wiggum became a strong man Jul 7th, 2020
Snoozing dragon Aug 4th, 2020
Hand Janitor Aug 4th, 2020
The Incredible Machine Jun 24th, 2020
elmo dies with hyperrealistic blood Dec 2nd, 2019
I have no idea what that is Dec 2nd, 2019
Kenny Rogers Nov 20th, 2019
Reversed mermaid Oct 29th, 2019
Beautiful island girl chills with her kitten. Oct 11th, 2019
Spider Oct 4th, 2019
Singing Captain Kirk Oct 4th, 2019