October 14th, 2018

Spearfighter has drawn 838 drawings and authored 574 captions across 1,412 games. They follow 0 players and have 32 followers. They've earned a total of 2,940 emotes!

Fly get stabed Feb 25th, 2019
Black pikachu  with angel shirt Feb 25th, 2019
Black banana runnig around a chili pepper Feb 25th, 2019
Jar of Frog Feb 18th, 2019
Giant squid and sperm whale fight Feb 16th, 2019
fat superman made entirely out of circles Feb 15th, 2019
Spongebob's Pineapple Feb 15th, 2019
The border between MEX and USA. Feb 15th, 2019
Hole with blue string Feb 15th, 2019
Crazed new Cupid goes rampid Feb 15th, 2019
Maid Dragon Feb 13th, 2019
Underwater volcano Feb 13th, 2019
sad minecraft steve Feb 13th, 2019
Man fights off dead zombie non epic style... Feb 13th, 2019
Two girls drowning into the darkness Feb 13th, 2019
Happy Amazon Box (Cute) Feb 13th, 2019
a snake wearing clothe Feb 13th, 2019
an orange fish saying blub blub Feb 13th, 2019