April 9th, 2019

Claylings has drawn 210 drawings and authored 378 captions across 588 games. They follow 26 players and have 45 followers. They've earned a total of 1,914 emotes!

Fight Dec 23rd, 2019
Muscular. Cow. Dec 20th, 2019
Bird Wing Dec 19th, 2019
Very Detailed Rubber Duckie :) Dec 18th, 2019
Paint Earth red, NO, blue! Dec 15th, 2019
chicken in a field Dec 13th, 2019
:) Dec 13th, 2019
EVE from Wall-E says UWU Dec 12th, 2019
Blushing bird does a trick for you Nov 6th, 2019
Narwhal student May 24th, 2019
sailing in egypt May 23rd, 2019
A happy but humble Light Bulb. May 23rd, 2019
realistic yellow frog May 23rd, 2019
This unicorn horn is backward, PIO? May 22nd, 2019
what y'all mfs look like when you derail May 21st, 2019
Milk and cookies May 20th, 2019
Rainbow stripes May 20th, 2019
Celery melted completely into the background. May 20th, 2019