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EggBenedict has drawn 226 drawings and authored 305 captions across 531 games. They follow 0 players and have 10 followers. They've earned a total of 1,034 emotes!

Roger roger Nov 2nd, 2022
Luigi Vs Wario rap battle Nov 1st, 2022
The coolest ant in the hill Oct 31st, 2022
Darth Vader merman
Oct 31st, 2022
holy cereal Oct 30th, 2022
The new guy doesn't fit in Oct 30th, 2022
10 percent off colorful coupon Oct 30th, 2022
Corn news reporter Oct 29th, 2022
eggman trying to reap a field of crops Oct 29th, 2022
Dem clouds comin' for you dog. Oct 29th, 2022
Basil from Omori wearing a frog shirt Oct 28th, 2022
Nooo, why are you eating my hot dog! Oct 28th, 2022
revolver thats folding in on itself Oct 28th, 2022
Man eats entire potato, money is on the mind Oct 28th, 2022
Rainbow pepper
Oct 28th, 2022