Pobre Pecador

April 4th, 2020   Philippines

Pobre Pecador has drawn 127 drawings and authored 189 captions across 316 games. They follow 31 players and have 6 followers. They've earned a total of 516 emotes!

Goldfish dad Sep 11th, 2021
girl obsesses over some guy Sep 5th, 2021
Cat kills car Sep 5th, 2021
Woman has burger next to balloon Sep 4th, 2021
Spider Sep 4th, 2021
New Age Retro Hippie May 6th, 2021
George Washington May 5th, 2021
Rest in peace mother, your fight is over. May 4th, 2021
a bed floating to the sun May 3rd, 2021
Mom trying to get into kids room May 3rd, 2021
Stick man Jesus Mar 18th, 2021
naked woman says "your doing great!" Mar 18th, 2021
Stereotypical 80’s Cop Mar 17th, 2021
Windows Mar 17th, 2021
Planted Fruit Mar 17th, 2021
Grey stickman being #1 Mar 17th, 2021
God Pointing A Rocket Where To Go Mar 16th, 2021
Girl discards her cat in the trash Mar 15th, 2021