April 9th, 2020

nana2019 has drawn 210 drawings and authored 121 captions across 331 games. They follow 82 players and have 12 followers. They've earned a total of 612 emotes!

Don’t touch me! Apr 10th, 2020
Mansplaining Apr 28th, 2020
Jane Doe Apr 27th, 2020
Unicorn shoots fireworks out of its horn Apr 27th, 2020
Persistence of Memory Apr 27th, 2020
Winnie the Pooh Apr 26th, 2020
Mouse asleep after a good meal Apr 25th, 2020
Cheese hates Cigar Apr 25th, 2020
Porky Pig Trainer Apr 25th, 2020
An empty room Apr 24th, 2020
Bad X-ray Fish Apr 24th, 2020
cat and turtle friendship Apr 24th, 2020
Kayaking in the rain Apr 23rd, 2020
Isaac and his mom Apr 23rd, 2020
Elmo goes blind and starts seeing the future Apr 23rd, 2020
Mom is overwhelmed Apr 22nd, 2020
Alien confused by human wedding Apr 20th, 2020
Watermelon Ariana Grande Apr 19th, 2020