November 8th, 2013   Fresno California

MozArc has drawn 1,739 drawings and authored 269 captions across 2,008 games. They follow 177 players and have 213 followers. They've earned a total of 9,820 emotes!

Thermometer Trainer Nov 2nd
Turkeys saying grace at dinner Nov 1st
a witch staring at another witch Oct 31st
Picasso Draws a Witch Oct 30th
Painter in the Matrix Oct 30th
Red is sus Oct 29th
Cloaked person with a dice goes to tower Sep 17th
Every Zelda Game Ever Sep 17th
Spoon Sep 16th
big nosed man Sep 15th
Demonstrate a Flaw Sep 9th
Old man who's seen some things Aug 31st
PP PART 3!!! THE LAST PP May 21st
Creeper gets prickled by cactus May 16th
Ugly Green Man In A Sweater May 15th
wacky looking elvis? May 12th
The end is neigh! May 12th
man with large nose May 7th