December 2nd, 2013   Proud & fat Furry! http://vellidragon.deviantart.com

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Zombie Chicken Oct 24th
Friend's celebrate Cremepops anniversary Oct 10th
A very fat Kermit. Oct 2nd
Cat DJ Sep 16th
Snorlax Sep 13th
Don't eat the cow!! Sep 5th
aurora borealis? at this time of year? Aug 30th
ernie the tomato and bert the cucumber Aug 24th
you bite the fry, the fry bites back my man Aug 17th
Ugly Duckling Jogging Aug 12th
ocean minotaur Aug 11th
The Porky Little Puppy Jul 25th
sexy cactus Jul 28th
Deer with a gun Jul 26th
The very first crime scene Jul 25th
Kirby Driving A Car Jul 24th
playful kitten Jul 24th
Crocodile in a Fire Jul 8th