March 25th, 2016   Team Blue

Ladondorf has drawn 1,046 drawings and authored 951 captions across 1,997 games. They follow 0 players and have 481 followers. They've earned a total of 13,694 emotes!

Mario walks up to Bowsette Sep 21st
goofy and daisy i think her name was Sep 12th
Shy guy (Super Mario bros.) Sep 11th
yoshi does taxes Sep 6th
Only Bort, Homer, and Marge survive Sep 6th
Ariel, badly injured, washes ashore. :( Sep 1st
Yellmo Griffin Jun 26th
Spongeboy Me Bob Jun 25th
Homer steals infinity gauntlet from Thanos Apr 22nd
Mickey vs guy in red mask Apr 22nd
Easter bunny uses black magic Apr 19th
So just LEAVE ALOOOOONE (Michael jackson) Mar 22nd
scientist telling flat earthers the truth Mar 22nd
Princess peach killed everyone Feb 25th
JaidenAnimations but can you do this? Feb 23rd
Indiana Jones Feb 23rd
RIP Steve Irwin Feb 23rd
Period Feb 23rd