Lord Raymond

April 6th, 2016   Araphen

Lord Raymond has drawn 384 drawings and authored 291 captions across 675 games. They follow 121 players and have 42 followers. They've earned a total of 3,324 emotes!

christmas tree wants to climb a mountain Dec 25th, 2016
Bad Horror Movie Poster PIO Sep 15th, 2016
Praise the sun my friends! Sep 10th, 2016
free draw PASS IT ON Sep 10th, 2016
Favorite fictional character PIO (cute Bambi!) Sep 10th, 2016
Sharkyman Sep 7th, 2016
character with gun PIO (half-erased pikachu) Sep 6th, 2016
your avatar, Pass it on Sep 6th, 2016
The Instrument you play, P.I.O Sep 5th, 2016
A Very Meme Breakfast Sep 5th, 2016
Vet games are cool Sep 4th, 2016
Cat changes into superhero costume Sep 3rd, 2016
Girl catches an arrow out of the midair Sep 2nd, 2016
gory felix the cat ripping off his face Aug 31st, 2016
Cute Pink Cyborg Bunny Aug 31st, 2016
Mewtwo Prototype Aug 25th, 2016
Write a violets are blue poem Aug 19th, 2016
Angry gamer guy Aug 17th, 2016